Rule of Three

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Rule of Three

When telling a joke, comics remember the "rule of three:"
1) Never do more than 3 jokes on a subject.
2) Stick to 3 actions, 3 lists or 3 times in a joke.
3) The punchline is the 3rd item on the list.

So here's an example from an old joke:
Trick or treating is very lucrative in Beverly Hills. (Setup)
Last year my kid got 6 apples (item #1)
4 pieces of candy (item #2) and
2 points on the next Spielberg movie. (Punchline, item #3).



5/14/2009 7:18:35 AM
Rebecca said:

This rule is true. you talk to your mates about it and say must throw over and over it doesn't sound funny but if you say must throw fruit over and over it is. Well at least that is how me and my group of friends think


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