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Comic Persona Tips

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What is a Comic Persona?

A comic persona is the kind of delivery that suits you best. Are you good at one-liners, sight gags, story telling, dead pan delivery or high energy delivery?
The key is YOU. What type of jokes in the past, in your normal everyday life, do you get laughs with? (Don't say none...or you wouldn't even be here at this site.).

Come o, think. What were you doing or saying when you got your last laugh? Hopefully it wasn't an intimate moment...but if it was it can become good fodor for a new bit.

The bottom line is that Bill Cosby's comic persona is different than Joan Rivers' than Drew Carey's than Jerry Seinfeld's...they each have developed their own unique comic persona. Go out and find yours.


How Do I Find My Comic Persona?

Place a personal ad or see a therapist.

All you need to do is define your attitude on stage. Are you angry, politically correct, sharp, insulting, laid back, monotone? To do this you need to get in touch with two points in your personality:
1) What is your point of view on life?
Dangerfield- Loser, Don Rickles- sarcasm, Woody Allen- Intellectual loser.
2) How do you express it?
Dangerfield-he complains he gets no respect
Don Rickles - feels everyone is a jerk and he tells them
Woody Allen- he happens to always have bad fortune

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